A strange signal
from a digital world
reunites father and son.

Haunted by the disappearance of his father and famous video game developer, Kevin Flynn, Sam is beckoned to Flynn's Arcade by a mysterious signal and pulled into a cyber world where his father, its creator, has been trapped for two decades. With the fearless warrior, Quorra by their side, Sam and Kevin fight to escape from a universe that, while stunningly beautiful, is far too advanced and more dangerous than Kevin had ever intended.

The Challenge
Promote the film's trailer to movie-goers on mobile devices in international markets with low bandwidth.

TRON LEGACY was an international success, garnering fans worldwide. Despite its description as a cult film, TRON LEGACY grossed $400 million during its theatrical run worldwide against a $170 million budget. The film received an Oscar nomination for Best Sound Editing at the 83rd Academy Awards in 2010. Scanbuy/Walt Disney Pictures tasked Warbasse with art direction and design for the Designer QR Code to support its release to German and Spanish audiences.

TRON LEGACY Mobile Screenshot

Walt Disney Pictures

UI Design

  • Visual Design
  • Layout & Wireframes
Frontend Development

  • Designer QR Code
  • QR Code Integration
The Strategy
Designate YouTube as a low bandwidth option for movie-goers in Germany and Spain to view the trailer.

Warbasse created a Designer QR Code for use on TRON LEGACY one-sheets, directing movie-goers in Germany and Spain to a low bandwidth option to view the film's trailer. Digital assets were posted on Disney's YouTube channel and cross-promoted on social media.

TRON LEGACY Designer QR Code

Expanding the Horizon

International QR Code

In the early days of mobile technology, bandwidth was a significant consideration when conceiving mobile strategies, especially those intended to deliver video. Technology provided by platforms such as YouTube made it easy to distribute content to locations that lacked the bandwidth enjoyed in the United States. As social media companies began to weave into popular culture, corporations, including movie studios, became open to utilizing third-party platforms to promote their digital assets. It marked the beginning of a marriage between traditional media and social media companies that continues today.

TRON LEGACY Poster Germany & Spain
TRON LEGACY Poster Germany
TRON LEGACY Poster Spain

Digital one-sheets direct movie-goers on mobile devices in Germany and Spain to TRON LEGACY's movie trailer via YouTube.

"As social media companies continue to gain in popularity and advance their technology, movie studios like Disney will find advantages to working with them rather than building their own platforms due in large part to the huge audiences already established on some of the better-known social media sites." - Philip Warbasse (2010)

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