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Thanks for visiting. I'm Philip Warbasse, and I specialize in crafting fresh, unique, and attention-grabbing websites that convert visitors into loyal customers. Leveraging over 24 years of experience working with top entertainment companies and leading brands, I bring that same level of expertise and creativity to help your business shine online. Ready for a website that reflects your brand and drives results? Let's chat! I value open communication and can be reached quickly by phone for an honest conversation about your web design and digital marketing needs.

"There isn't much to choose between designers in terms of tools used and the manual dexterity to operate them. What distinguishes a great designer from others in the field is what one knows."
- David Ogilvy

Celebrating 24 years of experience in all things digital.

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Business Types

How I Can Help You

• Captivate Users & Impress Investors: I design using the latest trends and technologies to create user experiences that grab attention and resonate with potential investors.

• Tailored Solutions for Your Vision: My approach is all about crafting websites specifically for your startup's unique goals. Whether it's fostering community, smooth e-commerce, or launching your innovative idea, I can deliver.

• Grow with Your Business: Startups are dynamic, so I offer scalable and flexible solutions that adapt as you do. Need to add features, integrate tools, or expand your reach? No problem!

• Long-Term Web Presence Powerhouse: I seamlessly adapt your website to meet evolving needs, ensuring it remains a powerful asset for years to come.

• Empowering Nonprofits Through Design: I create compelling web experiences specifically designed to empower your nonprofit organization.

• Engaged Visitors, Built Trust: By combining user-friendly navigation with informative content, I keep visitors engaged and build trust in your organization's credibility.

• Impactful Storytelling & Secure Donations: Clear communication and impactful storytelling foster strong connections with potential donors. Secure online donation options make it easy for them to contribute to your cause.

• Transparency & Accountability: A focus on transparency ensures your website reflects your commitment to accountability. This allows you to effectively share your mission and the positive change you create.

• Websites that Deliver: In short, I craft websites that look great and serve as powerful tools to achieve your fundraising and awareness goals.

• Crucial Online Presence: In today's digital world, a professional website is essential for small businesses. It's your online storefront, first impression, and proof of existence.

• Increased Discoverability: Get found by potential customers! I design websites that ensure you're discoverable through search engines like Google, putting your business in front of those actively searching for what you offer.

• Enhanced Credibility: Build trust with a professional website. Think of it as a digital handshake showcasing your professionalism and positioning you as a legitimate player in your industry.

• Competitive Advantage: Stand out from the crowd! Your website lets you showcase unique selling points, highlight customer testimonials, and establish yourself as the go-to choice.

• Positive First Impression: Your website reflects your service. I design user-friendly and informative websites that create a positive first impression, laying the foundation for long-term success.

• Investment in Your Future: By investing in a strong web presence, you're investing in the future of your small business.

• Streamlined Communication and Collaboration: A well-designed website can serve as a central hub for internal communication. Share company news, announcements, and resources with employees in a centralized location. This fosters collaboration and keeps everyone informed.

• Targeted Marketing and Advertising: Website analytics provide valuable data on user behavior, allowing you to refine your marketing strategies. You can use this data to target specific audiences with relevant content and advertising campaigns for maximum impact.

• Improved Recruitment Efforts: A strong website can be a valuable tool for attracting top talent. I help you showcase your company culture, career opportunities, and employee testimonials to attract qualified candidates.

• Complexity: Medium-sized businesses often have more complex needs and offerings. Your website(s) may require more robust features, like dedicated sections for different departments, investor relations sections, or complex product catalogs.

• Content Strategy: Medium-sized businesses may require a more sophisticated content strategy. I create sections to house blog posts on industry trends, white papers showcasing expertise, or case studies demonstrating successful client projects.

• Scalability: A medium-sized business website needs to be scalable to accommodate future growth. The website platform and architecture should be able to handle increasing traffic and data without compromising performance.

• Integration: Medium-sized businesses may have more complex systems and databases. Your website(s) may need to integrate with existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.

• Security: With potentially sensitive data flowing through the website, robust security measures are crucial for medium-sized businesses. This may include secure payment gateways, user authentication protocols, and regular security audits.

• Enhanced Brand Authority: A well-designed website establishes your company as a leader in the industry. It showcases your capabilities, achievements, and thought leadership, fostering trust with potential clients, partners, and investors.

• Scalable Lead Generation: Your website becomes a powerful lead generation machine. By capturing visitor information through forms, calls to action, and advanced e-commerce functionalities, you can target specific customer segments and convert them into valuable leads across various departments.

• Global Reach and Localized Content: Cater to a global audience with multilingual support and localized content. This allows you to expand your reach and connect with potential customers worldwide.

• Streamlined Internal & External Communication: The website serves as a central hub for internal communication, sharing company news, announcements, and resources with a large employee base. Additionally, it provides a platform for external communication, offering self-service options like FAQs, knowledge base articles, and even chatbots for 24/7 customer support.

• Data-Driven Insights and Marketing: Advanced website analytics provide a wealth of data on user behavior. Leverage this data to refine your marketing strategies, personalize user experiences, and optimize advertising campaigns for maximum ROI (Return on Investment).

• Improved Recruitment Efforts: Attract top talent by showcasing your company culture, career opportunities, and employee testimonials on your website. This allows you to target a broader pool of qualified candidates.

• Customization and Integrations: Integrate your website seamlessly with complex CRM, ERP, and other internal systems to ensure smooth data flow and avoid information silos.

• Security and Scalability: Robust security measures are crucial for safeguarding sensitive data. Your website platform should be highly scalable to handle massive traffic volumes and evolving needs.

• Content Management Systems (CMS): Large-scale websites require a robust CMS that allows for efficient content creation, management, and personalization across multiple languages and regions.

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Common Challenges

My Advice
An unprofessional website image

The first step is to create a professional, responsive website that reflects the quality of your products or services. Your website should feature high-impact photography and design that builds trust with potential customers. This is the foundation of any quality brand.

Inability to showcase value proposition

Strong value propositions, crafted with customer needs in mind, unlock client growth. You'll want to address critical challenges like limited customer understanding, unclear messaging, internal misalignment, lack of differentiation, and resistance to adaptation.

Poor search engine visibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for getting found by potential customers. You'll want a website optimized for search engines on-page via Schema and off-page via guest posting and social media to increase organic traffic and bolster domain authority, respectively.

Difficulty generating leads or sales

Your website should go beyond informing visitors. You'll want to actively convert them by using clear calls to action and lead capture forms for those not ready to buy. Social proof builds trust, while live chat offers real-time support. Scarcity tactics create urgency, and remarketing campaigns keep your brand in front of interested visitors, ultimately turning your website into a conversion machine.

Lack of data-driven insights

Your website must provide valuable intel on your visitors - what grabs their attention, where they get lost, and how long they stay engaged. This data fuels more intelligent website optimization, marketing campaigns, and business decisions, ultimately leading to a more effective conversion rate.

Lack of Personalization 

While many websites collect visitor data, they should utilize it for personalization. A personalized website experience resonates with today's consumers who crave personally tailored content and recommendations. Implementing features that personalize the user experience based on browsing behavior or past interactions can significantly improve engagement and conversions.

Security Vulnerabilities

Data breaches and security threats are a constant concern for businesses. A website with outdated security measures or weak passwords can leave sensitive customer information vulnerable. Investing in robust security protocols and staying up-to-date with the latest best practices is crucial for building trust and protecting user data.

Inconsistent Brand Storytelling

A website can be a powerful tool for brand storytelling, but inconsistency can lead to problems with clarity and a disconnect with the target audience. Your website must tell a consistent and compelling brand story, leaving a lasting impression on its target audience.

What's Included?

Available to All Clients

If you are like most businesses, you need a high-impact custom website. Ready to take your online presence to the next level? Please view my portfolio and testimonials, and then contact me to discuss your project. Let's create a website that gets you the results you need!

Benefit from extensive experience without the hefty agency fees or lengthy design + development times.

Working closely with you to understand your goals and create a website that reflects your unique vision.

Maintaining all updates to current content for 365 days from the go-live date at half of the regular hourly rate, ensuring professional design and strategies are kept intact for one full year.

I deliver beautiful, functional websites efficiently. I create most landing pages in as little as three days, small websites in as little as three weeks, and large-scale websites in as little as two months.

Stay up-to-date on the latest marketing and design trends, including Voice Search Optimization, NFC (near-field communication), PWA's (Progressive Web Apps), AR (Augmented Reality), and Personalization to help you always stay ahead of your competition.

Discounted Hosting packages are available; please ask about my DVS - HIPPA-Compliant Web Hosting Services.

New Client Discount

New clients receive 50% off the first 5 hours of my design or development. Call for details.


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