The Armored Avenger
is a hero driven by
a machine heart!

In light of his dual status as Iron Man, billionaire inventor Tony Stark is facing government, press, and public pressure to share his technology with the military. With Pepper Potts and James "Rhodey" Rhodes at his side, Stark must forge new alliances and battle powerful enemies to keep his invention.

The Challenge
Promote the film and support ticket sales to movie-goers on mobile devices in select markets.

IRON MAN 2 was the second film released in the IRON MAN Dynasty. It showcased the ingenuity of Marvel Studio's Cinematic Universe and received praise for its action sequences and performances. IRON MAN 2 was widely anticipated based on the first film's success. Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures tasked Warbasse with art direction, design, and mobile strategies to support the release in New York and Los Angeles.

IRON MAN 2 Mobile Screenshot

Marvel Studios
Paramount Pictures

UI Design

  • Visual Design
  • Layout & Wireframes
  • UI Copywriting
Frontend Development

  • Adaptive Website Development
  • Mobile Hosting & Streaming
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Designer QR Code
The Strategy
Create digital one-sheets that fully engage users on handheld devices.

Warbasse built out the original IRON MAN 2 one-sheet to add a designer QR Code connecting mobile users in New York and Los Angeles to interactive mobile content for the movie. By scanning the barcode on the IRON MAN 2 poster, moviegoers on mobile devices including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Opera, Palm, Windows Mobile could learn more about the upcoming film, view the theatrical trailer and movie stills, and even buy tickets directly from their smartphones.

IRON MAN 2 Digital One-sheet NY, L.A.

Digital Media History

The First
Designer QR Code

In 2010, the IRON MAN 2 digital one-sheet represented the future of movie posters. It marked the first time a designer QR Code was integrated into a one-sheet, making it more useful. Moviegoers who scanned the code on the IRON MAN 2 poster could read the film's synopsis, view the theatrical trailer and image gallery, and purchase tickets. Warbasse transformed the traditional movie poster into a beacon of engaging content.

"The goal for the Iron Man 2 campaign was to embellish the one-sheet with a 2D barcode without distracting from the design. The response to the designer QR code and mobile strategy for Iron Man 2 far surpassed my expectations." - Philip Warbasse (2010)

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