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Philip Warbasse interviewed for KTLA's weekly Technology Report
Philip Warbasse talks about QR Codes and shows examples of Designer codes for TV news story.
by Beth Silverstein

May 11, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA -- Philip Warbasse of Warbasse Design was featured on KTLA's Technology Report with Rich DeMuro. Warbasse Design is known for creating some of the most recognized Designer QR Codes in the industry. Now, Philip Warbasse - CEO / Warbasse Design sits down with Rich DeMuro to explain the benefits of this new marketing channel. "It is always great when we can get exposure for this budding technology," said Warbasse. "I believe the more people are acquainted with QR Codes through news stories and real-world examples, the sooner we will see more quality campaigns in the marketplace."

Video of the story may also be found online at http://ktla.com/technology/QR Codes The piece will also be featured on TechCrunch later this month.

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