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BE POSITIVE - we will deliver the very latest in technology and design,
BE CONFIDENT - you will be lavished with attention and your project(s) managed well,

BE CERTAIN - there is nothing on the world-wide-web that we can't produce affordably,
and BE VERY, VERY SURE - there is nobody that cares more about your online success than WARBASSE DESIGN.

~Est. 2000~

Warbasse Design's Ethos;

...helping our clients become better known and better understood by delivering internet marketing strategies that consistently exceed expectations.

Modern Design Crafted in the USA:

adaptive / responsive web design, mobile app development, e-commerce, web hosting, social media & digital advertising, analytics and reporting.

Design / Redesign

Adaptive/Responsive Design, Mobile Apps, E-Commerce

In the world of Web design, adaptive means "different", while responsive means "flexible". Both technologies are useful among a plethora of different sized devices used to access today's internet. We create mobile Apps, in order to take advantage of native features on a specific device. We also design for the mobile Web in order to reach the widest audience possible.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...

When it comes to gaining traffic or attention online, social media is the best place to start. We create and promote posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a variety of other social platforms to grow your audience and get them talking. We offer dedicated social media consultants to handle everything from account creation to custom posting and monitoring.


PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby...

One of the core strengths of any Web Design agency should be its ability to code. The code we write is always custom and we employ rigid coding standards. Among the most common languages in our arsenal are PHP - used to create customized user experiences, HTML5 - to optimze content, CSS - to control layouts, color schemes, and typography, and, Ruby - for speed.


Linux, Apache, MySQL, Full Hosting

We offer Secure Dedicated and Virtual-Dedicated Servers. Our networks are fully scalable and protected against new hacks, botnets, and phishing scams. Warbasse Design has been providing HIPAA compliant solutions since 2004 including Email Encryption and Archiving. There’s no safer place to keep your valuable data.

Secure Email & Hosting services for Accountants, Lawyers, and Physicians.

HIPAA Compliant

...a sample of our work.

Forty Hours Pay for Twenty-Seven Hours of Work

Los Angeles-based Web Design Agency, Warbasse Design, shortens Summer hours in order to bolster performance.

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