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Forty Hours Pay for Twenty-Seven Hours of Work

Los Angeles-based Web Design Agency, Warbasse Design, shortens Summer hours in order to bolster performance.

June 29, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA -- Santa Monica-based Web design firm, Warbasse Design, announces a change in its Summer hours of operation. Beginning this week, through the end of September, Warbasse Design's studio will close at 3 PM (Monday through Thursday), and at 12 PM on Fridays. While the agency's Summer workweek has been reduced to twenty-seven hours, employees and contractors will still be paid for a forty-hour workweek and will be expected to produce more - in exchange for what many of them cherish as much as money - time off.

According to Philip Warbasse, CEO/Warbasse Design, for creative professionals, time and money are connected but not in ways one might expect. Taking time off is a part of the creative process, explains Mr. Warbasse. "Creative energy is like jet fuel. It burns fast and it's finite. Once it runs out, it's important to recharge mentally, in order to make room for new ideas, by actually getting away from the creative process."

Los Angeles-based Warbasse Design encourages taking time off in order to do more.

"For creative professionals, time and money are connected but not in ways one might expect. Taking time off is a part of the creative process."

~ Philip Warbasse - CEO Warbasse Design

Many Americans work too long for too little but, Warbasse says that his agency's new Summer schedule is not about making a social statement. "It has less to do with income inequality and more to do with efficiency. When I look at all the things that distract us from our work on a weekly basis, the misspent time adds up."

Warbasse hopes that shorter workweeks will lead to greater productivity, lower turnover costs, and lower worker absence rates. "We are going to enjoy the Summer schedule and then review it objectively in the Fall," said Warbasse. "If my hunch is correct, we will make our new hours permanent."


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